Brunch@11 Is One Year Old

    Woodditton’s monthly ‘BRUNCH@11’ celebrated its first anniversary at the beginning of October. It is a new, informal meeting held in the church at 11am on the first Sunday of each month. As usual a tasty brunch of cereals, toast, bacon, sausages, beans and eggs was served free of charge together with a variety of hot and cold drinks. On this occasion 30 people attended, with all ages from a few weeks to mid-eighties represented. As well as celebrating our anniversary we looked at the importance of hospitality as a means of outreach and evangelism – showing God’s love in action. We also made time for a little prayer and a couple of celebratory songs.

     Over the last year numbers at this new form of meeting have exceeded expectations, with more people attending than used to attend normal services. It has been very encouraging that we have seen a number of new people coming over the year – some of whom have become regulars. It has been a particular joy to welcome a few who had never been in a church before.

     Our hope is that by offering an informal opportunity to meet with people who perhaps are unfamiliar with, or hesitant about, coming into the church we are able to meet and learn from each other. We would say to those who are wondering what it is all about just this - whether you have faith or not, whether you are currently a church-goer or not, the church is part of your community. It matters, and you matter. Come and meet us. That is the simple invitation – and there are no strings attached.

     Over brunch and afterward we have a time for sharing and discussion on a theme chosen for the day, and sometimes music and an informal prayer. The themes we have used have included ‘Water’ ‘Bread’ ‘Celtic influences on the church’ Remembrance, Harvest and ‘Things that are precious to us as individuals’.

     A direct consequence has been the offer (from a newcomer) to organise a Christmas Fair for us, which we be happening on December 8th in the church, and which we hope will become an annual feature. It will be another way in which we can use the church space to reach out to, and involve, the community.

     Brunch@11 could not have happened without the active support, encouragement and financial support of the diocesan Mission Team. Removing the fixed pew at the back of the church and relocating a radiator have been key to opening up a usable space.

     All in all we are greatly encouraged, and plan to continue and develop this initiative. Please support us with your prayers, or any practical help that you may be able to give. Above all, if you haven’t been to see what it is all about please give us a chance – join us on the first Sunday of any month at 11am. You will be most welcome, and certainly well fed!    

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